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about me

Height: 6'3"   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Salt and Pepper

I started acting, playing the bad guy...the thug...the mobster. I soon realized that people were so surprised that I always played villains, as I was such a fun guy to work with.  I started landing roles in comedies, and found a great opportunity to really thrive using my sense of humor.  I had found my sweet spot!  I discovered that playing comedic characters was so much more fun than I had ever thought.  All of a sudden I was reinventing myself.

I am still playing the guy you love to hate...along with the hilarious roles that steal the show.


Film (Selected)

Ballbuster                   Supporting      

Tom Hines, Dir.

Eye For An Eye           Supporting      

Stephen Lambert, Dir.

Finn and Marco           Supporting      

Jack Dever, Dir.

You're A Monster*         Supporting     

Rob Gore, Dir.

Television (Selected)

Dr. Castillo (Pilot)         Supporting     

Ryan Adams, Dir.

Civil:The War (Pilot)     Supporting      

Charles Ascello, Dir.

Love Kills                     Supporting       

Evan Cecil, Dir.

New Media (Selected)

Survival Jobs               Series Regular 

(1 Episode)                        Rob Gore, Dir.

Breaker:Reborn.           Series Regular  

​(10 Episodes)               Greg Dean, Dir.

The First 100 Days        Co-Star        

(2 Episodes)                  Asif Ahmed, Dir.

Member of the Western Sketch Comedy Troupe "Doves & Slugs"

Lifetime Member of the International Thespian Society

* Awarded "Best Short Film" & "Audience Choice" awards at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival

Training & Workshops

Margie Haber Studios/Advanced Scene Study & Audition Technique (Ongoing)

George Gallager/The Actor's Instinct/Scene Study (Ongoing)

Kirk Baltz Actor's Master Class/Movement & Text

The Second City (Hollywood) - Sitcom 101

Bob Lambert/Acting Up Network - Soap Opera Technique

Rob Reece Actors Studio - The Method (Stanislavski Technique)

Voice One Studios - Voiceover Technique

Special Skills

I can use an Irish/Russian/Mexican/Mediterranian/Texan/Southern Accent. I can sing Tenor (Folk/Country/Southern Rock), I can play acoustic guitar. I can drive Manual and Automatic transmission. Class C Drivers License. Teleprompter and Ear Prompter. 

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